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Lamps & Electrical Supplies
Emergency Batteries
  • ​High quality sealed lead acid batteries manufactured by Zeus
  • Variety of sizes and Amp Hour (AH) ratings allowing for maximum flexibility in design and use
  • Zeus SLA can be discharged in in any position due to their valve regulated design.
  • ​Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability. 
  • These batteries provide reliable power output in a variety of applications due to their advanced plate and separator materials, and precise electrolyte delivery.
  • Greater efficiency and improved ability to recover from deep discharge. 
  • Batteries are strictly tested. 

  • High-efficiency, high frequency name-brand electronic ballasts offer superior lighting performance and energy savings making their use cost-effective.
  • Energy-efficient, flexible, long-lasting, and easy-to-install, our popular line of  electronic ballasts for T5, T8, T12, and Long Twin Tube fluorescent lamps represents an optimal solution for a broad range of commercial applications. 
  • A comprehensive line of magnetic HID ballasts for metal halide and high and low pressure sodium lamps.
  • ​Our core and coil HID ballasts represent a durable, reliable, and high-performing solution for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications. 
  • Power One has the right replacement lamp for almost every fixture. 
  • Long-term energy savings with an innovative compact fluorescent lamp, or use the warmth of a traditional incandescent lamp.
  • Consider the cool efficiency of an LED lamp for applications that used to be reserved for tungsten ¨ like floodlights and room lamps.
  • Purchase specialty items, like an HID lamp or projection lamp.
  • Power One has replacement lamps for your lighting solution.

  • Power One can select commercial lighting fixtures from a number of manufacturers to give office, industrial, hospitality and retail lighting customers excellent values.
  • ​We supply lighting fixtures that are efficient, durable yet reasonably priced for new construction, remodel and retrofit projects.
  • Industry-leading fluorescent and LED lighting, including parabolic, lensed, recessed, surfaced and strip fixtures.
  • Outdoor lights from Power One can help you meet the unique demands of lighting exterior areas, including traffic, security concerns and weather damage. Illuminate parks and recreation areas efficiently with a traditional floodlight. 
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Lighting Fixtures
  • ​Power One provides many different types of conduit for commercial applications at the quality level that professionals require.
  • ​A broad selection of electrical parts and hardware, find the electrical fitting that meets your needs.
  • We supply the electrical box and cover for just about any new or existing electrical project. 
  • ​Our wire and cable selection includes different types of wiring from power supply cord for machinery and computers to electrical wire for powering just about anything.
  • Here you'll find the right conduit, fitting, electrical box and cable to ensure your wiring jobs last.
Conduit, Fittings, Boxes & Copper Wire
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